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Welcome to Leiden University's Online Application System - for Master programmes starting in February 2018 only.

Important: If you are applying for a programme starting in September 2018 or later, please DO NOT use this system. Instead, go to our website and follow our new application procedures.

Who can use this system?
Students applying for admission to a Master degree at Leiden University starting in February 2018 only, who fall into one of the categories below:

Master applicants (including teacher training, master of laws in advanced studies, and research master):

  • International students (i.e. with non-Dutch nationality and/or a non-Dutch diploma).

  • Holders of a Dutch Bachelor or Master degree which was not obtained at Leiden University.

  • Holders of a Bachelor degree from Leiden University who are applying for a Master degree which is NOT officially designated as direct continuation of their Bachelor studies (i.e. not a doorstroom Master).

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Before proceeding with your online application, please check this website.

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Note for users of mobile devices

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